After several seasons of maxis and midis, the mini is about to take the stage. Athletic lines are going intergalactic- and this is the time for it. 

Statement dressing will take the stage this year. Bold colors that kick clothing into the "WOW" realm. I think we're trying to make up for the last 2 years of mainly being at home.

For pants trends, we're seeing unstuffy work pants, light color pants, utlity pants, comfy "hanging out" pants and streetworthy leggings.

Yes, bell bottoms are back in style. Leggings are also, still a thing. 

Bottoms (9)

Retro Jumpsuit


Sunrise Pants


Cherry Blossom Cargo Pants


The Pisa Skirt


Small Town Tassel Skirt


The Windy Skirt


The Lacey Jeans


Gotta Split Jeans


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