Why We Exist

A well-known proverb says that "necessity is the mother of invention."

40Fly Fashion was created out of an abundance of necessity and an ounce of frustration.
As a woman in her 40's, it was quite challenging finding cute clothing options appropriate for my age range. For most of us, while our 20's was an amazing time, we have no desire to dress like we're still there. That being said, the word "appropriate" is highly subjective. We still want sexy. We still want edge. We still like to turn a head or 4ūüėČ.

40Fly Fashion features hand-picked quality "sophisti-chic" clothing for empowered women. The vast majority of our products come from other bold and empowered women manufacturers and distributors. 

During our selection process, our primary focus is women 35+. We, in no way wish to exclude anyone! No matter your age, our collection will likely still appeal to you!

Our customers are mature, educated, chic, resilant & fun... Over the years, we've experienced the good and the bad of life....higher education, marriage, divorce, medical diagnosis, relationships, kids, career, etc.  We're still here and our personal style still matters. It's not just clothing. 

We love the quote, "Clothes aren't going to change the world. The women who wear them will." -Anne Klein

There is strange power in clothing. If you don't think so, wear the wrong outfit and walk around all day. 

We exist to provide you with high quality, affordable, feminine, comfortable, "sophisti-chic" clothing options. 

Our tagline is¬†"For all of the places you'll go."¬† We mean this both¬†literally and figuratively. For all of the places you'll go in life, we hope to be there with you.ūüĖ§