If you have the shoes, we have the dress. With dresses this year, we see some micro-trends emerging. There is a rise in "multiway" dresses. Multi-way dresses can be worn in different ways for maximum versatility. 

Columns of color is another key trend for 2022. This happy trend gives us joy and is much needed. 

After years of thigh-high slits, and down-to-there necklines, subtle sex appeal comes in the form of classic cuts with some drama meant to turn heads.

Dresses (12)

Hustle Hard Dress


The Candy Corn Ruffle Dress


Leg Day Formal Dress


Back-2-Back Hoodie Dress


Take-It-Or-Leave-It Hoodie Dress


The Starburst Dress


The Paris Dress


The Eve Dress


Black-Out Bodycon Dress